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An evening with the students for guidance and mentoring on November 23, 2014  between 2-5 pm at Ottawa University

CPA is planning to connect our youth with renowned scholars and businessmen of Pakistani origin, to facilitate communication and provide guidance for their future carriers and academic subjects that they need to take. This event will be open to University and High school students. Parents are welcome to attend as well. This event will be held at the University of Ottawa in collaboration with the Pakistani Student’s Associations (PSA’s). The address is:

Terminus Center, Jock Turcot University Center

University of Ottawa,85 University Private

Ottawa, ON. K1N 9A7

CPA is  also looking for scholars who can meet one-to-one with students, provide guidance and answer questions of our youth.

Sponsors are welcome. Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, then please call: 613-899-2610 or contact us at